Snoqualmie Pass I-90

Elevation:3022 ft / 921 m
Temperature: 68ºF / 20ºC
Snoqualmie Pass closed for rock blasting at 8 p.m. lasting one hour or more. During blasting I-90 will be closed from milepost 56 near Gold Creek to milepost 61 near Price Creek. During closures there are no services eastbound past milepost 53 and westbound past milepost 70.
Not Available
Restrictions Eastbound:
Pass Closed
Restrictions Westbound:
Pass Closed

7:59 PM, Jul 29, 2014
This is the most current info available and is promptly updated when conditions change.

Franklin Falls on I-90 @ MP51.3
Franklin Falls on I-90 @ MP51.3

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