Mega Project Assessment

I commissioned this report in March to provide specific recommendations on how the agency can learn from recent errors and prevent them from occurring on future projects. The assessment of WSDOT mega projects makes recommendations on organizational structure; capturing lessons learned and translating that knowledge to other projects; developing workforce and project staffing; applying quality assurance protocols; conducting oversight and review; WSDOT’s internal procedures; and assessing risk and choosing the correct contract method for each project. In particular, the report recommends WSDOT work with the legislature to consider the general contractor/construction management delivery approach, which other state DOTs are using successfully to encourage innovation, accelerate delivery, decrease traffic impacts, and establish a fair price for taxpayers and the contractor. This review is another step to strengthen the agency’s delivery record and ensure better stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions.

Mega Project Assessment (pdf, 397kb)