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Workzone Training

Photo of flagging crew doing routine road maintenance work.
Flagging crew for routine road maintenance work.

Flagging Certification:

If you are interested in receiving flagger certification, and you are not a WSDOT employee, contact the Evergreen Safety Council at (800) 521-0778 or American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) at (540) 368-1711.

If you are a WSDOT employee, and you would like flagger certification, please contact your Regional Safety Officer for information on flagger training and obtaining cards.

Photo of Olympic Region Work Zone Crew
Olympic Region Work Zone Crew

Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor Training:

Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) Classes:
WSDOT offers a two and a half day Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor course and a one day re-certification class.

Certification Information:

WSDOT does not process or issue certifications for non-WSDOT employees. This is done by each training organization listed below. The steps needed to become a certified Traffic Control Supervisor are as follows:

  1. Have 2000 hours of traffic control experience. This experience may come from working with traffic control on a maintenance or survey crew. It may include being a project inspector on construction projects requiring traffic control. An employee developing or reviewing traffic control plans gains traffic control experience as well. The combination of the above allowable experience, in traffic control, must equal at least one year, or 2000 hours. This experience is required to become a certified Traffic Control Supervisor.
  2. Documentation of traffic control experience. To document the traffic control experience, a person must have two letters of recommendation that verify their work with traffic control. The letters must not come from the employee attempting
    to become a certified TCS. One letter needs to come from a supervisor, either current or past. The other letter must come from a resource that knows the employee's present or past work experience.
  3. Take the Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor's course.
    Each person must attend the two and one-half day course and pass the written test with at least 80 percent. After the course has been taken, the test passed, and the experience accepted, a TCS card will be issued to the employee.
  4. Possess a valid Flagger Certification Card. Approved states are: Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

TCS Recertification requirements:
To recertify you must successfully complete the 1-day course and have a score of 80 percent or better on the recertification exam.
To qualify to attend the recertification course you must submit the following documents:

A copy of your current state approved flagging card. Approved states are: Idaho Montana, Oregon and Washington.
A copy of your current Traffic Control Supervisors Certificate.

NOTE: There is a 6-month grace period after expiration to take the 1-day recertification. However, there is no grace period for working with an expired card.

TCS Training for non-WSDOT employees is available through:

WSDOT Traffic Control Plan Design (TCPD) Training:

(Open to WSDOT Employees and Local Agency Personnel)

This 2 day class focuses on the policy, process and standards for developing a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of Traffic Control Plans (TCP) for roadway construction projects. Lectures cover topics such as TMP requirements, assessing work zone impacts, developing traffic control strategies, traffic control standards, devices and types of traffic control plans to include in the PS&E. Participants will get hands on experience with sample projects in a team workshop format to help you master information presented in the class.

Upon completion of this class participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of WSDOT's Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy, procedures and guidelines.
  • Understand TMP components and when they are required.
  • Be able to assess work zone safety and mobility impacts and develop strategies to address them.
  • Be able to develop project TCP's with the appropriate level of detail, device use, and contract provisions.
  • Be able to process a regulatory speed limit reduction request or set up a WSP task assignment.

The target audiences for the class are Transportation Technician 3, Transportation Engineer 1-3, responsible for developing traffic control PS&E's. This class will also be of benefit to engineering personnel responsible for constructing and implementing traffic control work zones.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of roadway design and construction

WSDOT employees - For training information and scheduling of the TCS and TCPD training please contact:

Steve Haapala, State Work Zone Training Specialist (360) 705-7241

Other Training:

Photo of WSDOT employee setting up traffic control devices for a lane closure operation
Deploying traffic control devices for a lane closure operation

Maintenance Traffic Control Operations (MTCO)Training:

This course is designed to train WSDOT maintenance personnel in those principles and practices of traffic control, which will enable them to provide the safest and most efficient operation of temporary traffic control in work zones. Training is based on the WSDOT Work Zone Guidelines Manual M54-44.
WSDOT Region Trainers conduct this training, contact them for scheduling.