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We, the Washington State Department of Transportation Memorial Foundation, are entrusted to preserve the memory of Washington State Department of Transportation fallen workers and provide assistance to active and retired Washington State Department employees and their families in times of need.
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WSDOT Worker Memorial:

A new monument to the WSDOT workforce 

The plan to expand the Worker Memorial at WSDOT Headquarters is taking shape and WSDOT employee involvement remains vital to fulfill the vision to:

The monument will be built in the WSDOT Headquarters atrium – a place where employees and visitors alike can take a moment to reflect.

2002: The first WSDOT Worker Monument: A rock of strength

Image of Work Zone Memorial Plaque State employees gather to honor the fallen at the Worker Memorial Cermony in 2004.








As its first permanent memorial to those lost serving WSDOT, the Memorial Rock located at WSDOT Headquarters in Olympia embodied the strength of those lost and those left behind.

2011: A new vision: Raise, Move, and Manifest 

Diagram of the Artist redition of the memorial wall. 
In 2011, WSDOT developed a proposal to expand the WSDOT monument. With funding from the Memorial Foundation, an artist developed a concept to commemorate those who paid the ultimate price and to create a tribute, heightening awareness and reminding employees, visitors and the public of the sacrifices our workers and their families make while improving Washington’s roadways. 

The Design: Roof, Outside, Inside

The design encompasses the transportation system and, most importantly, the WSDOT Employee as metaphorically ‘supporting’ the system.

Constructed of metal, the Memorial Artwork Pavilion is a series of four arched sculptures (see photos at right).

Submit Your Photos: Make the Monument Your Own

The side panels on each of the four arches will include photos showing those WSDOT employees that built and maintain that system – those that hold it up. 

Help by sharing your unique perspective, those striking images that capture the essence of what WSDOT workers do each day, those employees who travel through and work on the roadways.

WSDOT employees can help by submitting photos to be considered for the Pavilion’s outside panels to

The artist will look at these photos, plus all WSDOT photos on Flickr and in our archives, for the Artist to review for possible incorporation into the final design.


The WSDOT Memorial Foundation will offer opportunities for WSDOT employees and partners to participate in fund-raising efforts. This is the WSDOT Employee’s monument – built by and for workers. No state funds will be used in its construction.

Text from the Artist: Raise, Move, & Manifest is the selected concept propsal for a memorial pavilion that honors WSDOT workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.