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An Economic Evaluation of a Multimodal Transportation System: Grain Transportation in Eastern Washington


Multimodal systems offer efficiencies from complementary and competitive interactions. This study uses a least cost spatial equilibrium model to determine how alternative policies and firm decisions affect the performance of a multimodal grain transportation system. The analysis finds this system is extremely competitive and much of the competitive structure comes from intermodal movement via truck-barge. It also found that the operating structure of the shipping firm utilizing the system directly affects the performance.

  • Date Published: February, 1993
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 294.1
  • Last Modified: October 16, 2007
  • Author: Kenneth L. Casavant.
  • Originator: Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC)
  • # of Pages: 138 p., 3,077 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Barges, Competition, Economic impacts, Grain, Intermodal transportation, Multimodal transportation, Performance, Policy, Railroads, Traffic managers, Trucking, Water transportation.
  • Keywords: Multimodal, grain transportation, spatial equilibrium, Eastern Washington.
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