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Research Reports

Gabion Wall Soil Interaction Study: I-90, Snoqualmie Pass Vicinity

Description: This report documents the limited results of a study which monitored the movement of a comparatively large (45 feet in height) gabion wall. The data collected indicated that about 4.5 inches of movement occurred at the top of the wall in the form of an outward tilt away from the backfill. Design procedures used to construct the wall were verified by the successful performance of the wall for a period now exceeding 12 years.

  • Date Published: March, 1988
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 151.1
  • Last Modified: June 17, 2007
  • Author: Keith W. Anderson.
  • Originator: Washington (State). Dept. of Transportation.
  • # of Pages: 8 p., 1,066 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Design, Deformation, Extensometers, Gabions, Geotechnical engineering, Inclinometers, Load cells, Motion, Photogrammetry, Retaining walls, Soils, Stresses.
  • Keywords: Gabion, Soil, Inclinometer, Pressure cell, I-90, Snoqualmie Pass.
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