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Demonstration Project No. 34, Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks, Yakima River Bridge No. 24/5


Under FHWA Demonstration Project No. 34, "Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks," a non-slotted cathodic protection system was installed on the deck of the Yakima River Bridge 24/5, near Yakima, Washington, in the summer of 1985. The project involved repairing the deck, then fastening Raychem premanufactured anodes to the deck to impress current to the top mat rebar. Impressing current through the concrete to the top mat steel prevents further corrosion of the steel. A latex modified concrete overlay was placed over the deck anode.

Some of the embedded monitoring devices have failed, but this is not considered a problem, since the system is voltage controlled and not potential controlled. The monitoring devices only provide information and do not control the system. Polarization decay tests indicate the bridge deck is being cathodically protected.

  • Date Published: November, 1988
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 87.2.2
  • Last Modified: August 20, 2007
  • Authors: Tom Roper, Edward H. Henley.
  • Originator: Washington (State). Dept. of Transportation.
  • # of Pages: 13 p., 210 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Anodes, Bridge decks, Cathodic protection, Concrete, Demonstration projects, Latex, Overlays (Pavements), Reinforced concrete, Reinforcing bars.
  • Keywords: Cathodic protection, bridge decks, SR 24, Yakima River Bridge No. 24/5, Yakima (Wash.)
  • Related Publications: Demonstration Project No. 34: Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks: Yakima River Bridge No. 24/5, (WA-RD 87.2).
    Cathodic Protection Check-Out: SR 24, Yakima River Bridge, (WA-RD 87.2.1).


This abstract was last modified April 29, 2008