Sulfur Extended Asphalt Laboratory Investigation--Mixture Characterization

This report provides a summary of a laboratory study on sulfur extended asphalt paving mixtures. The following major features were included in the study:

  1. Design of laboratory experiment which included the use of mixtures which contained various amounts of sulfur, two viscosity levels of asphalt cement, and two types of aggregate (basalt and granite).
  2. Evaluation of mixture design methods (Hveem and Marshall).
  3. Determination of optimum binder contents.
  4. Evaluation of mixture durability and aging characteristics.
  5. Development of revised mixture design criteria.
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 1982
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 053.2
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11/21/2017 - 13:53
Joe P. Mahoney, Jo A. Lary, Fahad Balgunaim, Teh C. Lee.
University of Washington. Dept. of Civil Engineering.
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Aggregates, Aging (Materials), Asphalt, Asphalt cement, Asphalt mixtures, Binder content, Bituminous overlays, Durability, Laboratory tests, Pavement performance, Sulfur, Sulfur asphalt, Stiffness, Viscosity.