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Research Reports

Noise Barrier Screen Measurements, Double Barriers

Description: This report documents the results of an investigation to determine the attenuative effect of two cascaded walls or barrier screens on the transmission of sound. The study was for point sources and involved the use of tone burst techniques for the experimental determination of the attenuation produced by a wide variety of two-wall configurations. This work was modeled at 5 and 10 kHz. The final result was the development of an algorithm for accurately predicting the attenuation of two-wall systems

  • Date Published: August, 1976
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 24.3
  • Last Modified: July 6, 2007
  • Author: Rene N. Foss.
  • Originator: University of Washington. Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • # of Pages: 47 p., 3 297 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Acoustics, Algorithms, Angle of incidence, Barriers (Roads), Diffraction, Highways, Noise, Noise barriers, Noise control, Sound, Sound attenuation, Sound level, Traffic noise, Walls.
  • Keywords: Noise suppression, noise barriers, noise screens, highway acoustics, Fresnel diffraction.
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