Pavement Research at the Washington State University Test Track. Volume One, Experimental Ring No. 1: A Study of Cement Treated and Asphaltic Treated Bases

Using full-scale construction equipment and truck loadings on a circular track of 260 feet circumference, evaluation of various base thicknesses and types has been accomplished in this first of a series of tests. Fractured and non-fractured aggregate, treated and untreated bases, asphaltic and Portland cement type bases are used. Results of the first ring indicate types of failure under varied environmental conditions with pavement systems subjected to millions of load applications. Difficulties in determining comparative equivalencies are discussed. Instrumentation used and possibilities for future use in rational design are reported.

Publication Date: 
Saturday, July 1, 1967
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WA-RD 015.1
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11/17/2017 - 12:05
G.A. Riedesel, John C. Cook, Milan Krukar.
Washington State University. College of Engineering. Research Division. Highway Research Section.
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Asphalt concrete, Base course (Pavements), Circular test tracks, Crushed rock, Emulsions, Failure, Pavement layers, Pavements, Portland cement, Service life, Thickness, Wearing course (Pavements)