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University Transportation Centers

What are they?

The U.S. Department of Transportation provides funding to select universities which have either been named in legislation or were selected through a competitive process. These centers are known as University Transportation Centers (UTC). The program advances the state of knowledge in transportation through multimodal and multidisciplinary research. The UTCs also help develop the future transportation workforce by stimulating interest in transportation-related fields through focused curricula and participation in graduate research.

Who are they?

There are currently 66 UTCs that receive funding by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Each UTC selects a theme area in which to focus their research. The Research Office can help you identify UTCs that conduct research in your area of interest.

Match Requirements

UTC's are typically required to provide a 50% local match for the federal funds they receive. Limited sources of federal funding may also be used as match. The University Transportation Center Match, Partnership and Leverage Opportunities describes match requirements in more detail.

Using WSDOT Funds as Match

WSDOT is interested in partnering with UTCs to address agency research needs. Faculty interested in obtaining match funding from WSDOT should contact prior to submitting their proposal though the UTC's competitive process. If match funding is available, WSDOT will provide letters of match for projects of high value to the department.  We will also work with you to identify appropriate in-kind resources that may be used as match.

You must have approval from the responsible budget manager within WSDOT to claim WSDOT funds as match. If you are not sure who this is, please contact the Research Office for assistance.