US 2 - Iron Goat Interpretive Site

Quarterly Project Report Update for Quarter Ending March 2005

Project Title & Location
Iron Goat Interpretive Center, US 2, MP 58.3

Project Description
A FHWA National Scenic Byway grant funds this multi-use facility. When completed, the site will provide the traveling public access to interpretive panels, traveler information, and the historic Iron Goat Trail.

This project has not yet been advertised or awarded.

Recent Progress
Many agencies, organizations, and volunteers have contributed over the past several years to the success of this project.  Currently, WSDOT is completing the design phase and all the environmental requirements needed for this project.  There was a public open house at the Skykomish Ranger District office on December 4, 2005, from 1pm to 3pm.  The plans are at 90% completion.  The Cultural Resource Survey is complete.

Design Construction Impacts
Construction impacts to the traveling public will be minimal, since all work will be done off the US 2 traveled way.

Environmental Impacts / Compliance

Four wetlands have been identified in the project area.  One wetland will be impacted, and mitigation is required.  WSDOT Environmental Services is working with King County and the Army Corps of Engineers to streamline the environmental process.

Permits Required: Army Corps of Engineers 404 Section 106, Department of Ecology 401, DOE NPDES Baseline Permit,  and King County Clearing permit.

NEPA:   Documented CE
SEPA:  DNS Checklist

Impacts to Traffic
Minimal interruption to traffic flow on US 2.

Project Milestones Scheduled Attained Milestone Outlook
Contract Advertised Oct, 2005 Environmental issues may affect AD date.
Contract Awarded TBD No issues at this time
Goundbreaking TBD No issues at this time
Open to Traffic TBD No issues at this time
Project Cost Summary: Dollars in
of Total

Planned vs. Actual Expenditures
(Total Project Cost)
Project Expenditure Chart

Preliminary Engineering $0.11 16%
Right-of-Way $0.0
Construction $0..58 84%
Funded Project Costs $0.69 100%

Nickel funds included in above costs

$0 0%

2005 Transportation Partnership Account

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