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Washington Transportation Plan

The Washington Transportation Plan (WTP) is a 20 year projection of the transportation needs for our state. The WTP provides the identification of transportation needs, financially realistic targets set by the Transportation Commission, and responsibility for plan implementation. Transportation components of the plan include state highways, Washington State Ferries, state owned airports, public transportation, inter-city passenger rail, freight rail, marine ports and navigation, non-motorized transportation and aviation. Not all of these facilities are state owned, but it is essential that all owners of these systems work together to provide convenient, reliable, safe, efficient and seamless connections and services for all citizens.

Although the WTP is a 20 year look at transportation needs it is, by necessity, a dynamic plan. The needs of the transportation system are constantly changing based on customer needs and financial constraints. In order to respond to these changes the WTP is updated to reflect the reality of the current transportation situation. The WTP is currently going through a comprehensive update process with extensive stakeholder involvement.

Each region has a representative responsible for the implementation of the WTP. The North Central Region's representative is Bill Gould, Asst. Regional Planning Engineer, (509) 667-2909.