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NCR Connecting Washington Projects


New North Central Region Office at Olds Station

Current NCRO

Budget: $12 Million. When: construction 2016-2018

The construction of a new North Central Region Office allows us to move out of our 1939 building on Wenatchee Avenue (it was out in the country back then) and build a new, more efficient, combined Region Administration/Project Engineering facility at Euclid Avenue. Our Region Office has been on the list for replacement for more than 20 years and our project engineers have been housed in "temporary" trailers we bought from WPPSS when its nuclear plant projects were scrapped 30 years ago. When the move is complete in 2018, the Wenatchee Avenue property can be sold and returned to the City of Wenatchee tax roll.

SR 150 NoSeeUm Rd. intersection realignment

Roundabout design - aerial view
Budget $6.5 Million. When: construction 2017-2018

A contract was awarded and construction began in April. The Connecting Washington funding provided right of way acquisition funds and provides the construction funding for a roundabout at this very challenging intersection in Chelan.

North Wenatchee Avenue improvements.

N. Wenatchee Ave.
Budget: $23 million. When: construction 2021-2027

Between now and 2019 the Chelan/Douglas Transportation Council has funding to refine the many proposed projects into a specific plan and timeline. For example, between Hawley Street and Maiden Lane turning left onto Wenatchee Avenue to go back toward downtown can be a challenge. One project would replace the center turn lane with a raised concrete median making that section right-in /right-out turns only with U-turn lanes added at the intersections at either end. A frontage road paralleling part of Wenatchee Avenue is another project. Also being considered is a roundabout at the US 2/Easy Street intersection and upgrading the stop lights from Maple Street to Horse Lake Rd. so they're coordinated. There are also pedestrian, bicycle and Transit improvements to refine.
Keep track of the CDTC's progress on their web site or call 663-9059.

SR 28 – Wenatchee Eastside Corridor-Stages 3 & 4

SR 28 looking south near 19th Street.
Budget: $58.5 Million. When: construction 2023-2027

This project widens Sunset Highway from 9th Street to Hadley Street to five lanes including a median turn lane in places and intersection improvements. Now 15,000 vehicles use this two-lane corridor daily. The changes will cut congestion and improve safety and freight movement.

SR 155/111 Omak Spur Bridge Rehabilitation

Omak Bridge

Budget: $11 Million. When: construction 2025-2027

The Central Ave Bridge, built in 1923, will have the sidewalks removed, allowing wider driving lanes (currently they're only 10 feet). Along the north side of the bridge a separate bike and pedestrian bridge will replace the sidewalks. The changes will facilitate truck traffic, reduce congestion and improve safety for drivers, pedestrians (especially school children) and bicyclists. The bridge connects downtown Omak with the fairgrounds, stampede grounds and schools.

Rail Projects

Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad – Rehabilitation 

Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad
Budget: $47 Million. When: Design & Construction 2015–2031.
This will address the most urgent rehabilitation needs to stabilize conditions and keep the three lines in four counties (Grant, Lincoln, Spokane, & Whitman) in operation.

Port of Moses Lake Rail Improvements 

Port of Moses Lake Rail
Budget: $21M - When: design, ROW, construction 2016-2021

Funds the design and right of way purchase for segments 1-3 and provides construction funding.

Port of Warden Rail Infrastructure Expansion 

Port of Warden
Budget: $2M - When: design, construction 2016-2019

Builds and constructs nearly a mile of new rail storage siding to increase rail capacity and enhance rail service with the Port.

Transit Grants:

People for People- Moses Lake

People for People bus
(Adams, Grant & Lincoln Counties)
When: 2015-2017
$82K-Preservation of Rural Special Needs Transportation.
$281K-Replacement Vehicles to Sustain Special Needs Transportation.

Okanogan County Transit Authority 
When: 2015-2017
$58K-Purchase and Install Bus Stop Signs and Shelters.