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Traffic fines are doubled in work zones when workers are present.

This telephone hotline provides traffic, transit, construction, mountain pass and weather reports.

North Central Region Weekly Travel Advisory

for Sept. 22-26

Updated: Monday, Sept. 22
Contact: Jeff Adamson WSDOT Communications (509) 667-2815 (Wenatchee) 

  • When any state highways in the region are closed, check for detours and travel restrictions on the WSDOT Traffic and Roads "Alerts" webpage.
  • For another few weeks, expect short delays and pilot car led single lane traffic to continue on SR 20 at MP 208 between Twisp and Loup Loup summit where a washout is being repaired.
  • On SR 153, expect to continue to be detoured around a washout between Carlton and Twisp onto the county's Twisp-Carlton Rd. until sometime in October, too.
  • Saturday, September 27 on US 2 in Leavenworth, the Autumn Leaf Festival Parade closes the highway through town from 11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. with traffic detoured on local roads that may be unsuitable for large trucks.

Click on the project title to visit its web page. Work is always dependent on weather and no construction delays 

King County

US 2 (MP 61-64)- Stevens Pass West - Unstable Slopes
Project is complete, thank you for your patience
In this $5.5 million project , MidWest Rockfall Inc. crews cleared, scaled, installed rock bolts and hung steel netting to reduce rock fall from four unstable slopes west of Stevens Pass. Season 1 started May 9, 2012 to Nov. 1. Season 2 began May 13, 2013 to Nov. 1. Season 3 began July 9 and work was complete September 19, 2014.
Project Engineer: Kevin Waligorski (509) 667-2860

Chelan County

NCR Chip Seal 2014 (No work scheduled)

US 2 (MP 89.9-93) Tumwater Canyon Bridge Replacements 
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., expect some occasional 10 minute delays each day for vehicles entering and leaving the work zone, while the crew is cleaning it up. 

In this $8.5 million project, Selland Construction Co. crews replaced three bridges, over Drury Canyon Creek and (two miles upstream) the Wenatchee River Green Bridge in Tumwater Canyon and the Chiwaukum Creek Bridge, 3/4 of a mile west of the top of the Canyon. Work also included new turning lanes into the Tumwater Campground. Construction began August 1, 2011 and should be complete this month.
Project Engineer: Josh Patrick (509) 667-2880

US 2 (MP 64.5-71.5) Stevens Pass East Paving
(Paving's complete) Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., expect lane shifts for shoulder finishing, raising survey monuments, installing guideposts and other work.
Speed is still reduced to 45 and when necessary, bicyclists and pedestrians will continue be bussed around the work zone.

In this $4 million project, Central Washington Asphalt crews will repave the four lanes from the summit east for 7 miles with asphalt. The parking area for Bygone Byways will be fog-sealed. Safety features will be upgraded including rumble strips, striping and signs. Work began July 14 and should be complete by October.
Project Engineer: Kevin Waligorski (509) 667-2860 

Douglas County

NCR Chip Seal 2014 (No work scheduled) 

(New) SR 28 (MP 7.8-8.4) Rock Island Road Intersection Improvements
Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m., expect slower traffic, but no delays with a lane shift for westbound traffic as a crew will be paving the right turn lane and applying new pavement markings.

In this $260,000 project, Granite Construction Co. will add a lane, pave the intersection with asphalt, apply new plastic pavement markings, stripes, signs guideposts and a new illumination system. Work began Sept. 15 and should be done in early October.
Project Engineer: Kevin Waligorski (509) 667-2860

Okanogan County

NCR Chip Seal 2014  (No work scheduled)

SR 155/ SR 215 (MP 79-81 & 0-6.25) Omak Area Paving
Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., expect lane shifts or closures where crews are finishing work on illumination systems, applying permanent pavement markings and adjusting utility covers. (No night work).

In this $3.2 million project, Granite Construction is upgrading sidewalks to ADA standards, and paving SR 215 from Omak through Okanogan as well as the SR 155 Spur in Omak. Work began April 21 and should be complete by October.
Project Engineer: Kevin Waligorski (509) 667-2860

Grant County

NCR Chip Seal 2014  No work scheduled)

(New)  SR 17 (MP 75.4-76.1) Soap Lake lane reconfiguration
Monday through Friday
, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., expect slow traffic but no delays for lane shifts as a crew removes old pavement markings, fog-seals the pavement and installs new permanent pavement markings.

In this $80,000 safety improvement project, Apply-A-Line Inc. crews are reconfiguring the driving lanes through town from two lanes in each direction to one lane plus a bike lane. Work begins Sept. 22 and should be complete in early October. 
Project Engineer: Kevin Waligorski (509) 667-2860

Adams County

NCR Chip Seal 2014  (no work scheduled)

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