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SR 904 - Cheney to Four Lakes Project - Route Development Plan - Chapter 8

Funding of Alternatives

Funding Sources

Current funding of WSDOT highway projects (based on existing revenues) is limited to maintenance, preservation, and traffic operations projects. While “additional lanes” between MP 12.56 and MP 16.81 on SR 904 is identified in the 2003 -2022 Eastern Region 20 year Mobility Strategies list, the current programmed budget does not include funding for long term improvements on this segment of SR 904.

While committed to operate an efficient, safe, and coordinated corridor, WSDOT Eastern Region continues to pursue funding for proposed improvements. Periodically, during future WSDOT Highway System Plan updates, proposed improvement projects on SR 904 will be re-assessed during funding prioritization in preservation, safety, mobility, economic initiative, and environmental retrofit programs.