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SR 904 - Cheney to Four Lakes Project - Route Development Plan - Chapter 4

Route Improvements


Mobility improvement projects support strategies that improve Level of Service (LOS) operations on rural highways, and whenever cost effective, reduce the number of existing or potential access points onto state highways by purchasing access rights or encouraging the consolidation of access through the land development review process. Projects that provide intersection improvements, highway realignment, highway widening, bridge replacement, access improvements, climbing lanes, and passing lanes are examples of mobility projects.

Mobility Improvements Identified in the 2003 – 2022 Highway System Plan

The following proposed mobility improvements on this segment of SR 904 were identified in the 2003 - 2022 Washington State Highway Systems Plan (See Table 17):

Chart of Mobility Improvements Identified

Table 17

Source: 2003 -2022 Washington State Highway System Plan


Safety improvement projects support strategies that improve highway geometrics at locations that have a high accident history. Safety improvements may involve intersection improvements such as left turn channelization and deceleration/ acceleration lanes when traffic volume warrants are met.

Current Safety Improvements

Concerned with the safety on SR 904, WSDOT, FHWA, EWU, and the City of Cheney have collaboratively secured Hazard Elimination Project funding for short term improvements to construct centerline rumble strips, shoulder rumble strips, turn lane channelization and illumination at Paradise Road, Jensen Road, Meadow Lake Road, and Old PSH 11 Road. The length of the corridor will also be restriped as a No Passing Zone.

Economic Initiative

Economic initiative projects support strategies that provide improvements to support state, regional and local economics. Improvements also support the tourism sector of economy through Heritage Corridors, safety rest areas, bicycle touring routes, and traveler support services.

There are no economic initiative projects identified in the 2003 - 2022 Highway System Plan for SR 904.

Environmental Retrofit

Environmental retrofit projects support strategies that retrofits elements of the existing highway system to meet environmental requirements that have emerged since the highways were built. Some strategies for environmental retrofit are stormwater runoff, fish barrier removal, noise reduction, and air quality.

There are no environmental retrofit projects identified in the 2003 – 2022 Highway System Plan for SR 904.