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 Eastern Region

SR 290 Trent Bridge Replacement Project - Complete April 2005

This project is complete.

Artist Rendition
Artist Rendition of new Trent Bridge - click for more photos
Click for more photos

Project Facts
Old bridge built in 1917.
Old bridge had 3 piers in the Spokane River supporting the bridge and spans 485'. New bridge has 2 piers in the Spokane River supporting the bridge and spans 496' with a 225' center span

Old bridge was 55' wide and supports 4 lanes of traffic and sidewalks. New bridge is 89' wide supporting 5 lanes of traffic and sidewalks.

Project Status
April 2005/Final

This project is complete.


Why did WSDOT Replace the SR 290 Trent Bridge
The primary purpose of this project was to replace the Trent Street Bridge, which had become structurally insufficient. The new bridge is architecturally consistent with the other arch bridges in the area

The End Result
The New bridge radius was increased to improve safety by shifting the majority of the widening to the north.  Two new piers, eliminating the middle pier, replaced the existing three piers in the river.  Alternate alignments for the new bridge were studied. However, funding constraints limited the alignment to the present location.

Project Benefits
The footings of the old bridge had been eroded by water action over the past eight decades.  The new bridge solves that problem plus provides a wider roadway to enhance safety.

What was the project timeline?
The project was built over a 2 1/2 year time frame.

Public Involvement
A detailed web site with construction cameras kept the public informed on the progress of the project.

Environmental Protection
WSDOT designed the new structure to utilize the space as effectively as possible and to provide the minimum impact to the river and riparian zone on each side. Some existing trees at each end of the bridge were taken out as a result of this improvement. Some woody shrubs along the bank were also removed.   WSDOT is aware of the scarcity of wildlife habitat along this reach of the Spokane River and replaced all of the trees and shrubs lost to construction.  The new structure is protected in vulnerable areas with heavy loose riprap.  This material may not be aesthetically pleasing in this portion of the Spokane River which is designated as a Conservancy Shoreline.  WSDOT covered the riprap with approximately two feet of topsoil to provide a medium for plant establishment.
Please visit the WSDOT Environmental Services Web site for more information.

Increasing safety is a priority
The addition of a center turn lane, wider sidewalks, and enhanced lighting provides a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians.

Did this project impact tribal resources?
At WSDOT we seek to address the concerns of the tribal nations using the process outlined in Section 106 of The National Historic Preservation Act and the WSDOT Tribal Consultation Policy adopted in 2003 by the Transportation Commission as part of the WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan.

Financial Information

The project  cost 10 million dollars. Eighty percent of the funding was Federal and the remaining 20 percent was State.

How can I get more information?

Al Gilson
2714 North Mayfair Street 
Spokane, WA 99207 
(509) 324-6242 Fax: (509) 921-2400

Email: Gilsona@wsdot.wa.gov

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