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West Kootenay and Northeast Washington Corridor Study - Final Report

The primary purpose of this Corridor Study is to identify a preferred highway corridor for enhanced cross-border access between the West and Central Kootenay Region of British Columbia and the Tri-County Region of Northeast Washington State.

This Final Report is a large PDF file and may take time to open. The Chapters and Appendixes are in separate files.

Table of Contents- (pdf 523 kb)
 Executive Summary - (pdf 2 mb)
Context - (pdf 2.4 mb)
Highway Corridor Improvement Options - (pdf 2 mb)
Candidate Evaluation - (pdf 1.7 mb)
 Sensitivity Analysis - (pdf 212 kb)
 Discussion of Results- (pdf 142 kb)
Appendix A Cost Estimate Details - (pdf 381 kb)
Appendix B Benefits Estimate Details - (pdf 383 kb)


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