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Eastern Region - E-Mail Update Newsletter

Subscribing to our monthly e-mail update newsletter is a great way for you to get timely information about WSDOT's projects and programs. We use this update to tell you the ongoing stories of our projects and programs.

To sign up for the monthly list server newsletter simply:

Click on this link: Eastern Email Updates

Enter your email address into the box and a menu will open up. Scroll down to the Eastern Region section and click in the box for “Eastern Region Monthly Update.” Press “Submit” at the bottom of the page, and you’re done.

We send our e-mail updates out monthly.  We may also send out a special edition when we have important or time-sensitive news to tell you.

The e-mail update is usually just a text message to your e-mail address.  We try not to send pictures or other graphics within the message, however sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words, so if you'd like to see our update with pictures, just click on the links below. 

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