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Construction Update & Travel Advisory

Statewide Construction and Travel Updates
Statewide Construction and Travel Updates

WSDOT/Eastern Region Construction Activity & Possible Delays for April 17-27, 2014

Online Update Connections: Eastern Region traffic and Keller Ferry service updates can also be received by text message on your cell phone. To sign up, go to and click on the “Email/Text Updates” link in the upper right corner of the website, then follow the directions. Spokane Area and Keller ferry updates are also on Twitter by following “@SRTMC” or via Facebook by searching for and friending “Spokane Traffic.”

Spokane Area Projects

North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and Intersection Improvements
Traffic Impacts: The dedicated right turn lane for southbound traffic on Freya Street is now closed in order to construct the new roadway at the northwest corner. All traffic movements will still be allowed, but the right turn onto westbound Francis Avenue will need to be done from the through lane so some additional traffic congestion is anticipated. This traffic configuration will remain in place through mid-April, and will be restored once the asphalt paving is completed at this location.

In general, Market Street has single lanes in each direction through the Market/Francis intersection on the west half of Market Street. Francis Avenue is operating as single lanes in each direction on the new bridge. The south side of the bridge along the traffic barrier is designated for the movement of bicycles and pedestrians. No left turns are allowed at the intersection from Market Street to Francis Avenue, but are allowed from Francis Avenue to Market Street, and right turns are allowed on all approaches. In addition, traffic on the east end of the project is running in the winter traffic configuration as well as at the Francis/Freya intersection. At and through that intersection, the westbound traffic is shifted diagonally into a single westbound lane. There are signs at the intersection to help guide the motorists over into the designated lane, but drivers need to be alert at this location. Full construction will resume in the spring.
Project Description: Remove and replace existing Francis Avenue Bridge over the BNSF Railway with longer structure to accommodate new freeway.
Project Website:

NSC/BNSF Railway Structures/Realignment & Ped/Bike Trail Extension
Traffic Impacts: Bridge and excavation work has resumed. No traffic impacts.
Project Description: Construct two freeway mainline bridges over the BNSF tracks and two pedestrian bridges. Realign BNSF mainline and spur tracks. Extend Children of the Sun Trail into the Hillyard area.

US 195/Hatch Road to Cheney-Spokane Road ITS (MP 91-94)
Traffic Impacts: Possible shoulder restrictions
Project Description: Construct a fiber optic link along US 195 from Hatch Road to Cheney-Spokane Road. Add 4 new traffic cameras and traffic volume monitoring equipment.
Project Website:

US 195/Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange (MP 94)
Traffic Impacts:  work is scheduled to resume on Monday, April 21.  The contractor is waiting for consistent warm overnight temperatures before starting asphalt paving.  Some minor items may be underway if weather allows. In general, northbound US 195 drivers need to be alert for slow traffic entering the highway left lane from Cheney-Spokane Road. The dedicated northbound acceleration lane has been removed. The northbound left turn lane remains closed and is signed for no left turns. US 195 northbound drivers must use Qualchan Road to access Cheney-Spokane Road. The southbound off ramp to Cheney-Spokane Road is open to traffic. Vehicles must use this off ramp as no right turns are allowed from southbound US 195 to Cheney-Spokane Road. Full construction will resume shortly.
Project Description: Construct new full interchange.
Project Website:

Outside the Spokane Area


SR 25 (MP 23 & 114) & US 395 (MP 241)/Bridge Cleaning
Traffic Impacts:  Drivers should be alert for single-lane, alternating traffic when work is underway on the SR 25/Spokane River Bridge 23 miles north of Davenport. Drivers should plan for short delays. Work on this bridge will be underway most weekdays from about 7a.m until around 3 p.m.
Project Description: Steel bridge support structure cleaning.

Lincoln County

SR 231/Five Miles North of Reardan-Erosion Repair (MP 37)
Traffic Impacts: Drivers should expect short delays with flaggers and or pilot cars directing single-lane, alternating traffic.
Project description: Repair shoulder washouts.

Ferry/Lincoln Counties

SR 21/Keller Ferry (MP 106)
Traffic Impacts: HIGH IMPACT!! Lower water levels on Lake Roosevelt may require moving service to the alternate north shore terminal at some point over the next week or so. Water levels are unpredictable so a firm date cannot be determined. The ramp relocation procedure can take several hours. When this transfer is underway, drivers will need to use alternate routes. 

In general, Keller Ferry operates 7 days per week from 6a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (last trip).

Ferry Service Status Information: Up to the minute service information for the Keller Ferry is always available via your telephone. Just dial 888-808-7977 (toll-free) from any landline or cell phone. The Washington State Ferries automated system will answer, give the time, and will list the Main Menu. When the automated voice says “Main Menu” you just reply by speaking: “KELLER FERRY.” The system will then jump to the current Keller Ferry recorded information. Keller ferry service updates can also be received by text message on your cell phone. To sign up, go to and click on the “Email/Text Updates” link in the upper right corner of the website, then follow the directions. Spokane Area and Keller ferry updates are also on Twitter by following @SRTMC or via Facebook by searching for and friending “Spokane Traffic.”

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Washington road condition reports including Mountain Pass conditions are also available by calling Travel Information at 5-1-1.

511 Travel Information


The City of Spokane has current street construction listed on their website.


Highway Work Zone Safety Tips
  • Expect delays and congestion in and near construction zones and alternate routes. Please be patient. Leave early for work or other appointments.
  • Obey all traffic signs, flagging personnel
  • Watch for traffic slowdowns and brake lights farther ahead, especially on high-speed highways such as I-90. Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front. Rear end collisions are the most common type of accidents in work zones.
  • Safety for construction workers, motorists, and pedestrians is our number one concern. It is extremely important to be alert for flaggers and construction workers.
  • Please drive cautiously and watch for changes in road surface conditions.
  • Please slow down. Remember, traffic fines are double in work zones.


Remember, please slow down in construction work zones and watch for signs
and instructions from traffic flagging personnel. "A split-second of inattention
on your part can result in the serious injury or death of a highway worker."

Give 'em a Brake


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