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Real Estate Services

SR 520 West Approach Bridge

Property Management

  • Chapter 11 of the Right of Way Manual
  • Provides effective management and protection for all WSDOT controlled properties.
  • Insures the maximum return from all sales, rentals or leases.
  • Responsible for timely disposition of property that is not required for transportation purposes.
  • Eliminates hazards and public nuisances originating on or in, or caused by WSDOT owned lands or improvements.
  • Real Estate Services Application/Single Family Residential Supplement
    (docx 138kb)
  • Real Estate Services Guide to the Sale & Lease of WSDOT Owned Property (pdf 178kb)
  • Wireless Leasing
  • For more information, please visit the Wireless Communications Leasing website.

WSDOT Real Estate Services performs and coordinates all real estate transactions for the department, including auctions, and issues guidelines for all state agencies engaged in real estate activities covered by the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.

Real Estate Services News

2014 Uniform Act (URA) Low Income Limits 
Effective December 18, 2013

The 2014 URA Low Income Limits, used in connection with rental assistance payment calculations under 49 CFR 24.402(b), have been issued with an effective date of December 18, 2013 (notified by FHWA today).

The 2014 Low Income Limits tables and guidance are available at:
All income calculations made on or after December 18, 2013 must use the 2014 tables. Additional information and guidance for making URA low income calculations are available on the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) web page at:

Please Note: The HUD Low Income Limits provide the flexibility for the Agency to round the income results for families of 8 or more to the either the nearest $50 or to use the actual number.

Whichever method the Agency chooses should be applied consistently. The FAQ provides an example of the flexibility at:

WSDOT has elected to use the actual number.

For low income situations a copy of the HUD Low Income Limits spreadsheet is required to be part of your rent supplement package that is sent to HQ for review.