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Parcel Information - I.C. No. 6-32-06342

Minimum Bid: $10,500 (reduced from $18,000)

Zoning Information: Spokane County (509) 477-3675 and Spokane Valley (509) 720-5102
Tax Parcel Number: None assigned

Location and Size: This 2.20 +/- acre irregularly shaped parcel located south of Interstate 90, on the opposite side of the freeway from Spalding’s Auto Wrecking. The parcel is situated between the WSDOT landscaped drainage swale and the established residential subdivision on the ridge.

Abbreviated Legal and Acquisition Information: Portions of Lots 1-40, Block 5 Sullivan, Volume K of Plats, Page 47. The parcel was acquired by Warranty Deed recorded under Spokane County Auditor’s File No. 4713492.

Improvements: None

Topography and Cover: The subject site is gently sloping to the north and moderately sloping towards the south. The subject has native grasses and foliage.

Utilities: Utilities are located at the corner of University Rd. and Nora Ave., supplying access to public sewer, water, natural gas, and electricity to the developed subdivisions & the surrounding existing residential neighborhoods.

Special Conditions: For land usage requirements/restrictions contact the local jurisdiction(s). Parcel does not have legal access at this time.

Zoning: The parcel is zoned MF-1 (Medium density multifamily).

Parcel Information Map for I.C. No. 6-32-06342

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