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Parcel Information - I.C. No. 1-17-02867

Last Updated:  July 14, 2014

Notice of Auction and General Sales Terms
Preferred Sales Terms
Bid for Purchase of Surplus Property Form Page 1 (pdf 47 kb)
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Bid Instructions & Guidelines
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Additional Bid Disclosure & Criteria
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Tax Parcel Numbers: 3123059083, 3123059084, 3223059183 & 3223059187

Minimum Non-Contingent Base Bid Price :
$12 million

Location and Size: A 55 +/- acre parcel located within the city of Renton. The parcel is within close proximity to both the industrious Kent Valley and the Valley Medical Center, which is one block northeasterly of the property. Access is available from; a 40 foot wide paved easement from Carr Road; Smithers Ave has been stubbed but not constructed (once constructed it will provide fully signalized intersection access to Carr Road); gravel road access stubbed to site at Wells Road/Mills Ave that also connects to Carr Road; newly constructed street frontage along SE 47th St. accessible from 102nd Ave SE.

Abbreviated Legal and Acquisition Information:
That portion of the E ½ of the SE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 31 and that portion of the W ½ of the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 32, all in Township 23 North, Range 5 East, W.M. Acquired by Warranty Deeds filed in the office of the King County Recorder under File No. 4921230, 4921231, 4921232, 4921233, 4921234, 4983586, and stipulated Judgment and Decree of Appropriation No. 533726.

Improvements: Minimal site improvements

Topography and Cover: The parcel slopes upward moderately from the north to the south, and the eastern portion of the site slopes upward to the east. The parcel is covered in trees and brush. The Panther Creek basin bisects the site, running northwesterly

Utilities: All public utilities are available, but may require extensions and/or upgrades.

Special Conditions: For land usage requirements/restrictions contact the local jurisdiction(s). This site was used by the WSDOT as a gravel and sand borrow site, with some import waste from highway projects. The site has a valid  DNR Surface Mine Permit (DNR #11077). WSDOT has updated the site's Reclamation Plan/Permit with DNR. However, further approval/reviews are required by the city of Renton.

Zoning: The parcel is currently zoned R-1, R-4, and R-10 by the city of Renton.  Please contact Jennifer Henning with the city of Renton at 425-430-7286 to discuss the zoning and their comprehensive plan.

Please verify, prior to bid submittal, that you have viewed and read the latest information.

Specialist Reports:  These reports are available at:

This property information is also available on our Interactive Map.

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