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Parcel Information - I.C. No. 3-05-06538

Minimum Bid: $102,000.00

Zoning Information:
City of Sequim (360) 683-4908

Tax Parcel Numbers: 030019340400, 0330198500700, 0330198500800, 0330198500900, 033019850100, 0330198501100, 0330198501200 & 0330198000900

Location and Size: A 2.78 +/- acre irregularly shaped parcel located along the northerly right of way line of SR 101 within the city limits of Sequim.

Abbreviated Legal and Acquisition Information: A portion of the SE ¼, SW ¼, of Section 19, Township 30 North, Range 3 West, W.M. The parcel was acquired by Warranty Deeds recorded under Clallam County Auditor’s File Nos. 733090, 721166 & 715310.

Improvements: None.

Topography and Cover: The parcel is at grade with all surrounding properties except for the slope to the west for 7th Avenue. The parcel is covered with native vegetation and a small amount of timber.

Utilities: All standard utilities are available.

Special Conditions: For land usage requirements/restrictions contact the local jurisdiction(s). Direct access to SR 101 will be prohibited.

Zoning: The parcel is zoned R-11 (residential with a Public Facility overlay).

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