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State Rail Plan

WSDOT is developing the 2019 Washington State Rail System Plan to provide a framework for future passenger and freight rail actions. The plan will analyze the rail system, identify trends, outline planning, programming and coordination strategies, and also include an investment plan for infrastructure and equipment. Specific goals include:

  • Identify a preferred growth/performance scenario for Amtrak Cascades, including needed plans and infrastructure.
  • Identify performance objectives for the state-owned short-line freight rail system, including ways to meet those goals.
  • Identify strategies to improve connection between rail and other modes of transportation.

Stakeholders will have opportunities to comment on the draft plan expected out in early 2019. For details, contact Paul Krueger, 206-464-1281 or Jason Beloso, 206-464-1259

The 2019 Washington State Rail System Plan will update the Washington State Rail Plan 2013-2035. Completed in 2014, the plan serves as a strategic blueprint for future public investment in the rail transportation system. It provides an integrated plan for freight and passenger rail, including funding strategies, that meets federal and state requirements. The plan informs the state freight plan, guides WSDOT as it develops strategic freight rail partnerships to support essential rail service, and establishes priorities for determining which freight rail investments should receive public support. It also guides Washington as it works with Oregon and British Columbia to implement intercity passenger rail service.

Washington State Rail Plan 2013-2035 (pdf 3mb)

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Rail, Freight and Ports Division