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Consultant Services Manual

Description: This manual provides guidance concerning the authorization, selection, and use of consultants for Personal Services and Architectural and Engineering (A&E) contracts and/or supplements.

Individual Chapters

  • Publication Number: M 27-50
  • Last Modified: September, 2016
  • Version: M 27-50.05
  • Manual Manager: Larry Schofield
  • Originators: Environmental and Engineering Programs, Engineering and Regional Operations Division
  • # of Pages: 255
  • Subject: WSDOT consultant contract policies and procedures, including the legal basis for each.
  • Keywords: A&E Consultant Contracting, contracts, agreements, contract administration, DBE goals, overhead rates, contract types, policy, procedures, CSO, consultants, personal services, A&E, architectural, engineering, design, EIS, federal, state, regulations, consultant liaison, ACL, requirements.
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Consultant Services Manual Individual Parts

Foreword (pdf 188 KB)

Contents (pdf 241 KB)

Part 1 Professional Services Contracting (pdf 393 KB)

Part 2 Personal Services (pdf 362 KB)

Part 3 Real Estate Services (pdf 42 KB)

Part 4 Architectural and Engineering Services (pdf 446 KB)

Part 5 Administration of Consultant Contracts (pdf 236 KB)

Part 6 Emergency Services (pdf 204 KB)

Part 7 Participation of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Disadvantaged Businesses (pdf 141 KB)

Part 8 Responsibility for “Y” Agreements (pdf 34 KB)

Part 9 Appendices (pdf 1,625 KB)

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