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Highway Engineering Field Formulas

Description: The Highway Engineering Field Formulas provides formulas for laying out horizontal and vertical highway curves, formulas for roadway cross slopes and shoulders, and mathematical equations for areas and volumes.

Individual Chapters

  • Publication Number: M 22-24
  • Last Modified: March, 2008
  • Version: 1996
  • Manual Manager: Design Office
  • Originator: Engineering and Environmental Programs
  • # of Pages: 36
  • Subject:
  • Keywords: field formulas
  • Related Publications:
    Highway Engineering Field Tables 1984 M 22-23

Highway Engineering Field Formulas Individual Chapters

Contents  (pdf 17KB)

Nomenclature for Circular Curves
 (pdf 15KB)

Circular Curve Equations (pdf 15KB)

Simple Circular Curve (pdf 22KB)

Degrees of Curvation to Various Radii (pdf 14KB)

Nomenclature for Vertical Curves (pdf 10KB)

Vertical Curve Equations (pdf 19KB)

Nomenclature for Nonsymmentrical Curves (pdf 10KB)

Nonsymmetrical Vertical Curve Equations (pdf 16KB)

Determining Radii of Sharp Curves (pdf 15KB)

Distance from Finished Shld to Subrade Shld and Slope Equivalents
 (pdf 21KB)

Areas of Plane Figures (pdf 62KB)

Surfaces and Volumes of Solids (pdf 88KB)

Trigonometric Functions for all Quadrants (pdf 14KB)

Triginometric Functions (pdf 14KB)

Right Triangle (pdf 16KB)

Oblique Triangle (pdf 20KB)

Conversion Factors (pdf 15KB)

Metric Conversion Factors (pdf 12KB)

Land Surveying Conversion Table
 (pdf 14KB)

-Steel Tape Temperature Corrections

-Temperature Conversions

Less Common Conversion Factors (pdf 14KB)

-Water Constants

-Cement Constants

Multiplication Factor Table (pdf 16KB)

-Recommended Pronunciations

Reinforcing Steel (pdf 12KB)

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