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Prime Contractor Performance Report

Description: The Prime Contractor Performance Report was prepared to give project offices, regions, and other personnel of the Washington State Department of Transportation a working reference of uniform standards and procedures for the preparation and processing of the Prime Contractor Performance Report.

Individual Chapters

  • Publication Number: M 41-40
  • Last Modified: February, 2006
  • Version:
  • Manual Manager: Ken Walker
  • Originators: Contract Ad and Award Office, Engineering and Regional Operations Division
  • # of Pages: 47
  • Subject: Preparing and processing the Prime Contractor Performance Report
  • Keywords: Prime Contract Performance Report, contractor, contracts, pre-qualification,
  • Related Publications:

Prime Contractor Performance Report Individual Chapters

Foreword (pdf 285 KB)

Contents (pdf 225 KB)

 (pdf 25 KB)

Prime Contractor Performance Report (pdf 217 KB)

Appeal of Performance Report (pdf 162 KB)

Conditional Qualification (pdf 138 KB)

Headquarters Review of Reports (pdf 158 KB)

Public Disclosure of Performance Reports (pdf 158 KB)

Appendix A- Rating Elements
 (pdf 276 KB)

Appendix B- Sample Report (pdf 527 KB)

Appendix C- Sample Cover Letter (pdf 191 KB)

Appendix D- Prequalification Work Classes (pdf 203 KB)



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