Managing Your Public Transportation Grant

Your organization has been awarded a public transportation grant through the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). WSDOT
is committed to both the success of the projects of grant recipients and the effective management of grant funds. This guide provides technical assistance to organizations awarded state and federal public transportation project funding. It also offers direction for maintaining compliance with the laws and regulations associated with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Washington State public transportation funding. This guide is a valuable reference tool for your organization throughout the life of your project.

Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Publication Number: 
M 3111
Last modified: 
07/19/2017 - 16:26
Publication Version: 
M 3111.02
Manual Manager: 
Shamus Misek
Public Transportation Division / Public Transportation Programs
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Introduction (pdf 283 kb)
Contents list and overview, funding programs covered, other resources, contacts

Chapter 1 Guidelines for All Projects (pdf 530 kb)
Grants contracts, coordination and community outreach, civil rights, employee conduct, Americans with Disabilities Act, sensitive information, comment/complaint process, labor laws, asset management, safety and security, emergency management, passenger conduct, FTA guidelines, ethics, non-discrimination, equal opportunity employment, disadvantaged business enterprises, charter requirements, school bus provisions, drug and alcohol testing, project compliance and reporting, site visits

Chapter 2 Guidelines for Operating and Program Development Projects (pdf 343 kb)
Eligible services and expenses, matching funds, reserve accounts, operating deficit, project records, reimbursement requests

Chapter 3 Guidelines for Capital Vehicle and Equipment Projects (pdf 530 kb)
Eligible uses, local match, making progress, procurement processes, procurement records, managing vehicles and equipment, change of use, reimbursement requests

Chapter 4 Guidelines for Capital Construction Projects (pdf 412 kb)
Project requirements, contract methods and delivery strategies, conducting procurement requirements, procurement records, reimbursement requests, local funds and match requirements, DBE requirements, facility management

Appendix A Reimbursement Request Instructions Forms (pdf 665 kb)

Appendix B Progress and Statistical Reporting (pdf 298 kb)

Appendix C Procurement Inspection Forms (pdf 485 kb)

Appendix D Project Visit Checklists (pdf 631 kb)
Appendix E Vehicle Disposition Schedule (pdf 363 kb)

Appendix F Abbreviations and Definitions (pdf 376 kb)

Appendix G References (pdf 273 kb)