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I-405 Corridor Program - TRIP Environmental Assessment and Draft 4 (f) Evaluation

405 - Tukwila to Renton Improvment Project Environmental Assessment and Draft 4(f) Evaluation

On April 4, 2008, WSDOT published an Environmental Assessment for the Tukwila to Renton Improvement Project. The Environmental Assessment contains the results of our studies on how this project may affect the environment.

We published the Notice of Availability for the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Tukwila to Renton Improvement Project on July 23, 2008. Below you can download the FONSI in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf). 

Tukwila to Renton Improvement Project FONSI (pdf 15.9 mb)

Environmental Assessment (pdf 21.8 mb)

Discipline Reports and Technical Memos

Air Quality Discipline Report (pdf 3.93 mb)

Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation (pdf 24.7 mb)

Ecosystems Discipline Report (pdf 55.3 mb)

Environmental Justice Discipline Report (pdf 5.3 mb)

Land Use Discipline Report (pdf 11.2 mb)

Noise Discipline Report (pdf 6.1 mb)

Transportation Discipline Report (pdf 7.8 mb)

Water Resources Discipline Report (pdf 9.0 mb)

Cultural, Historic, And Archaeological  Technical Memorandum (pdf 3.7 mb)

Cumulative Effects Analysis Technical Memorandum (pdf 1.6 mb)

Economics Technical Memorandum (pdf 371 kb)

Geology and Soils Technical Memorandum (pdf 6.7 mb)

Hazardous Materials Technical Memorandum (pdf 7.1 mb)

Social Elements, Public Services and Utilities Technical Memorandum (pdf 4.2 mb)

Visual Quality Technical Memorandum (pdf 2.7 mb)