Three-week closure of SR 99

Realign99: The three-week closure of SR 99

The longest major highway closure the Puget Sound Region has ever seen is now upon us. State Route 99 will remain closed from South Spokane Street to the south end of the Battery Street Tunnel until the new SR 99 tunnel opens in early February.

Map of SR 99 closure through downtown Seattle

Map showing details of SR 99 closure

WSDOT has closed SR 99 through downtown Seattle for approximately three weeks to realign the highway into the tunnel. During this closure both the viaduct and the tunnel are closed. This disruption is unavoidable due to the large amount of work involved in realigning SR 99 with the new tunnel. Additional ramp closures mean up to six weeks of traffic disruption.


We need everyone's help during the closure to avoid gridlock. Commuters and employers should think about how you can change commute patterns:

  • Shift your travel time to avoid the busiest times on the roadway.
  • Bike or walk to work or school.
  • Start or join a carpool, vanpool or vanshare.
  • Start a telecommute program for employees.
  • Use transit, particularly light rail and King County Water Taxi.
  • Stay off the road: work from home, postpone discretionary trips, take time off.
  • Be prepared for your new route when the closure ends and the new tunnel opens.
  • Watch this short video on how to stay in the know during the closure.

Ideas and resources:


Fact sheet titled Tunneling into the numbers

La SR 99 permanecerá cerrada durante tres semanas antes de que se abra el túnel.

General fact sheet about the AWV program

SR 99 隧道在开放之前需要封闭三周。

Fact sheet on getting around Seattle after project is complete

Đóng đường hầm SR 99 trong ba tuần trước khi mở lại.

Fact sheet on getting around Seattle after project is complete

SR99 Waxa uu xidhnaan donaa sadex todobaad kahor inta aan la furin biriishka dhulka hoos mara.

+ Closure details

+ Closure sequence

+ Plan your trip during the closure