April 21 project update: Bertha reaches her final resting spot

Posted on Apr 21 2017 4:01 PM
With one last push from her thrust jacks, Bertha came to rest today in her final position within the disassembly pit near Seattle Center. Seattle Tunnel Partners began slowly moving the tunneling machine forward on April 13. You can watch the machine’s progress into the pit by scrolling back through the disassembly pit time-lapse camera.
A crew member holding balloons in front of the TBM sitting in the disassembly pit

Nowhere to go but up (and out)

With Bertha’s movement complete, crews will begin disassembling and cutting the machine into pieces for removal. Some pieces will be lifted from the disassembly pit by crane, while others will be taken out south through the tunnel. A new fact sheet in our Program Library gives a brief overview of what this work entails.
As Bertha moved into the disassembly pit, crews also began removing infrastructure within the tunnel that supported tunneling. More than 20 miles of pipe has to be removed, as well as the yellow ventilation duct and the conveyor belt.

Video: Bertha's final push 

While the time-lapse camera linked above captures the view from above the disassembly pit, this video provides an on-the-ground perspective. Watch a condensed time-lapse of Bertha's two-week move into the disassembly pit (with a pause for a group photo of the workers who built the tunnel).