North End

North End


A significant amount of construction continues at the SR 99 tunnel’s future north portal. This is the spot where Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, will emerge at the end of her two-mile journey beneath downtown Seattle. 

Our interactive simulation shows you how this area will change during construction.

Last updated Sept. 9, 2015

Future Aurora Avenue North connection

Crews are building the future connection between the tunnel and Aurora Avenue North, and new on- and off-ramps at Republican Street. In late August, traffic was shifted to new lanes so that work can continue.

North portal progress 

Seattle Tunnel Partners continues to build the tunnel's future north portal. Here's a shot looking south at the portal in June 2015:

SR 99 tunnel north portal


North operations building construction

STP crews near the receiving pit are hard at work on the north operations building. Crews installed the building's yellow ventilation stacks in July. This post explains the tunnel's two operations buildings in more detail.

SR 99 tunnel north operations building