What is WSDOT doing to keep traffic moving during the closure?

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WSDOT, the city of Seattle, the Port of Seattle and King County Metro have developed a coordinated plan to minimize congestion during the closure. This plan involves a variety of efforts to provide alternative routes, maximize traffic and transit flow, and encourage people to find alternative routes or travel times. During the closure the agencies will coordinate daily to minimize congestion through mitigation measures and proactive public outreach and media relations.

Efforts and strategies include:

More buses: King County Metro will alter bus routes that use the viaduct and deploy stand-by coaches to give commuters more transit options and to maintain schedules.

Real-time traffic monitoring: WSDOT and SDOT will monitor highway and street traffic and use portable electronic message signs (VMS) to inform drivers about delays and provide other information.

Police traffic control: Seattle Police Department officers will be on hand as needed to do manual intersection control at key chokepoint intersections and ferry dock entrances.

More water taxi capacity: King County Water Taxi will increase service to Vashon and take advantage of its new larger boats for increased capacity between West Seattle and downtown.