Sept. 8 project update: Final three pieces of tunneling machine safely in the access pit

Posted on Sep 8 2015 9:00 AM

Seattle Tunnel Partners has successfully lowered three large pieces of the SR 99 tunneling machine’s front shield into the access pit for reassembly. On Saturday, Aug. 29 and Monday, Aug. 31, respectively, crane crews from Mammoet lowered two 98-ton side body pieces:

Side body piece being lowered into the access pit

On Friday, Sept. 4, the 278-ton middle shield was lowered. Our construction cameras will show you a photo sequence of Friday's lift and lowering. Here's a capture from the camera:

top shield being lowered

With all major components of the machine now in the pit, crews are focusing on reassembling the machine and preparing for the testing phase of the repair effort. Crews will spend the coming weeks welding pieces back together, in addition to the lengthy task of reconnecting the hundreds of wires and hoses that are integral to the tunneling operation. STP and manufacturer Hitachi Zosen will conduct a series of tests following reassembly to ensure the machine is ready to resume mining.

You can continue to track STP’s repair effort on our time-lapse camera and follow @BerthaDigsSR99 on Twitter for updates.

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