Aug. 21 project update: Motor installation nearly complete

Posted on Aug 21 2015 2:59 PM
Seattle Tunnel Partners has nearly completed installation of the SR 99 tunneling machine’s motors. When the last motor has been installed, crane crews from Mammoet will make final preparations for lowering the machine’s newly reassembled front end into the access pit. 
The more than 2,000-ton lift could occur as soon as next week. Lifting and lowering the massive piece could take 14 hours or more, but there is no set schedule. Crews will take as long as necessary to prepare for and safely complete their work.
Once the piece is in place at the bottom of the pit, crews will begin reconnecting wires, hoses and cables to the portion of the machine that remains in the ground. STP’s latest schedule shows that three pieces of the machine’s outer shield will be lowered into the pit for reassembly in the days following the front-end lift. A series of tests will follow reassembly to ensure the machine is ready to resume mining.
You can track the action on our time-lapse camera and follow @BerthaDigsSR99 on Twitter for updates. We’ll also continue to post photos and videos as STP’s work progresses. 
Motor installation
Crews install motors in the SR 99 tunneling machine earlier this week.