Jan. 8 project update: Access pit construction progressing

Posted on Jan 8 2015 2:19 PM
The new year is off to a busy start as we continue our work to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. After spending the past two weeks performing work on the walls of the SR 99 tunnel access pit, Seattle Tunnel Partners resumed excavation of the pit this morning. Crews will continue to alternate between digging and adding grout to the pit’s walls. Currently 90 feet deep, the pit will be 120 feet deep when complete.     
Settlement levels near the pit have remained stable for more than six weeks. We are monitoring ground conditions closely, while remaining in regular communication with neighbors and property owners in the area. Our team has now completed 57 building surveys since crews first confirmed settlement near the pit in early December. To date, no structural damage has been found.
Most major elements of the crane that will lift the front end of the tunneling machine to the surface are now in place. STP plans to begin testing the crane later this month.
Crane photo
Regarding the overall schedule, we still cannot endorse a project completion date until STP’s work to resume tunneling is further along. The tunnel contract was designed to protect Washington taxpayers, in part because it includes this vital component: Creating and maintaining the project schedule is STP’s responsibility. Our responsibility is to hold them accountable for their work, a task that remains our focus as we begin 2015.