Communication efforts on the SR 99 Tunnel Project

Posted on Dec 10 2014 9:50 AM
The Seattle Times posted an editorial on Tuesday, Dec. 9, criticizing our communications on the tunnel project. While we respect and encourage scrutiny of our work, we also have a responsibility to correct the record when we see inaccuracies.
This editorial contained a factual error regarding our communication with elected officials at the City of Seattle. In particular, it states that WSDOT failed to mention newly discovered viaduct settlement at a recent briefing with the Seattle City Council, when in fact no such briefing had occurred. 
Let us be clear: There was no concealment of information related to this issue. We engaged elected officials, including meetings with city staff and the mayor’s office, almost immediately after we confirmed the settlement. By the time those meetings ended, this had become a public story.
We recognize the public’s intense interest in this project, and we cannot emphasize enough how important communications is to our work. Like any organization, we’re not perfect, but we work very hard to keep elected officials and the public informed on what is a very dynamic situation, and we will continue to do so moving forward.
Let us also be clear on one other point: The viaduct remains safe for travel.