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US 97A Wildlife Fence - Photos

Bighorn on Hwy

Bighorn Sheep on the highway create a hazard for drivers.

Bighorn on Shoulder

Bighorn sheep alongside US 97A on the railroad tracks north of Rocky Reach Dam.

Bighorn Herd

A close up view of Bighorn Sheep on the hillside above the highway.    


Cattleguards like these allow vehicles to cross, but the wildlife won't.    

Groundbreaking on July 21

From the top of the pole to the bottom: Rod Shearer, THG Const., Ron Bruno, Wenatchee Sportsmen's Assn., Sen. Linda Evans Parlette, Dennis Beich, WDFWL Region Director, Dan Sarles, WSDOT Region Adminstrator, Mitch Reister, WSDOT Project Engineer

Groundbreaking Participants

From top to bottom: WSP Sgt. Art Nelson, Ron Fox, WDFWL, Sterling Knipfer, Lawrence Dillin and Mitch Reister, WSDOT

Groundbreaking Participants

From top to bottom: Ken Harris, WSFNAWS, Ron Poppe, Wenatchee Sportsmen's Assn., Rollie Schmitten, WDFWL Commissioner, Ron Bruno, Wenatchee Sportsmen's Assn. and Mitch Reister, WSDOT Project Engineer.

Dan Sarles , WSDOT Region Administrator

WSDOT North Central Region Administrator Dan Sarles was the Master of Ceremonies for the groundbreaking event on July 21, 2009.

Sen Linda Parlette

Keynote Speaker 12th District Republican Senator Linda Evans Parlette.

Wenatchee Sportsmen's Assn.'s  Ron Bruno

Keynote speaker, Ron Bruno, President of the Wenatchee Sportsmen's Assn.

Dennis Beich, WDFWL Region Director

WDFWL Region Director Dennis Beich of Ephrata.

Mitch Reister, WSDOT Project Engineer
WSDOT Project Engineer Mitch Reister.     

Push Gate
This one-way gate allows people through and wildlife that gets below the fence to push through, back up hill to their usual habitat.