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US 97 Cameron Lake Road Intersection Improvement Alternatives

Seven alternatives to address the congestion and safety issues associated with the Armory Jct./Cameron Lake Roads and the Oak St./Airport Rd.  intersections were initially analyzed.

Following the Sept. 19, 2012 open house, this revised alternative was developed:

Open House generated alternative - Full size
This revised alternative incorporated elements of earlier alternatives (shown below) as well as a new signage system to alert highway traffic when vehicles approach from the side roads.
Click here to view a higher resolution .pdf (565 KB) version

(Alternatives initially considered):

#1 - Lower the speed limit on US 97.

  • Advantages - minimal cost; possible reduction in collision severity
  • Disadvantages - not an effective counter measure for the types of collisions at this intersection, increase potential for rear end collisions, addresses no intersection conflict points, would likely experience low speed reduction compliance
  • Collisions - Does not address specific cause for any recorded

#2 - Place advanced warning signs before the intersection on US 97.

  • Advantages - low cost, increased driver awareness, possible reduction in collision severity (reduced speed).
  • Disadvantage - fails to address intersection conflict points such as the heavy right turn movements onto Armory Jct. Rd.; likely increase in rear end collisions (inconsistent speeds) and limited long term effectiveness of cautionary signage on regular roadway users.
  • Collisions - Does not address specific cause for any recorded
  • Estimated Cost - $100,000

#3 - Add left turn lanes on US 97.

  • Advantage - medium cost; addresses left turning traffic
  • Disadvantages - fails to address the heavy right turn movements onto Armory Jct. Rd. or heavy left turn movements from there onto US 97; potentially increases T-bone collisions by widening the roadway, extending the time needed to cross it
  • Collisions - would address the cause for two of the 11 recorded 
  • Estimated Cost - $500,000 

Alternative 3 - left turn lanes

#4 - Install a traffic signal.

  • Advantages - medium cost; provides protected vehicle movement; controls traffic flow
  • Disadvantages - would require all vehicles to stop on US 97 while traffic flow exceeds congestion warrants less than the required eight hours per day, (so this alternative cannot be implemented); increases potential for rear end collisions and increases travel time
  • Collisions - would address the cause for seven of 11 recorded
  • Estimated Cost - $900,000

#5 - Add left and offset right turn and an acceleration lane for Armory Jct. Rd. and a left turn lane for Cameron Lake Rd.

  • Advantage - improved sight distance for left turning drivers on Armory Jct. Rd.; allows those drivers to accelerate to highway speed before entering US 97.
  • Disadvantages - potentially increases T-bone collisions by widening the roadway and extending the time necessary to cross it; likely to create confusion for drivers who think the acceleration lane is a left turn lane for exiting US 97
  • Collisions - would address the cause for two of 11 recorded
  • Estimated Cost - $750,000

alternative 5 - acceleration lane

#6 - Reconstruct Cameron Lake and Armory Junction Roads into offset "T" intersections and close and relocate Oak St. and reconfigure to a "T" with left and acceleration lanes.

  • Advantages - provide direct access into Okanogan; reduces intersection conflicts by separating Cameron Lk. and Armory Jct. traffic; reduces access to US 97, improving mainline mobility
  • Disadvantages - Higher cost; fails to eliminate T-bone collision potential; requires purchase of 1/2 acre of new right of way and new environmental permits, increasing private property impacts
  • Collisions - would address causes of five of 11 recorded
  • Estimated Cost - $2.3 million

alternative 6 - split T
Split "T"
alternative 6 - removes Armory Jct.
Removes Armory Junction Road

alternative 6 - removes Oak St.
Removes Oak Street

alternative 6 - new Oak St.
Builds a new Oak Street

#7 - Construct a roundabout at US 97/Cameron Lake/Armory Jct. Roads.

  • Advantages -medium cost; no left turn and altogether fewer conflict points, reduced wait times on side streets; reduced collision severity; reduced annual maintenance expenses 
  • Disadvantages - slows US 97 traffic to below 25 mph
  • Collisions - would address causes of 10 of 11 recorded 
  • Estimated Cost - $1.4 million    

 alternative 7 - roundabout