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North Spokane Corridor - Reevaluation - River to Francis

The most recent environmental impact statement for the North Spokane Corridor that included the segment from the Spokane River to Francis Avenue was approved September 18, 2000.  Design modifications between the Spokane River and Francis Avenue are now being proposed.  These changes are largely within the same footprint as was previously approved.  The purpose of the Reevaluation is to determine if the Spokane River to Francis/Freya Redesign changes are still within the scope of the FSEIS.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved the document on June 6th. The document and associated studies are available below:

Reevaluation Summary Document (pdf 4.2 mb)

Signed Consultation Form (pdf 335 kb)

Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice Report (pdf 5 mb)

Air Quality Report (pdf 73 kb)

Endangered Species Act - Determination of No Effect (pdf 1.45 kb)

Traffic Demand Forecast Report (pdf 790 kb)
Hazardous Materials (pdf 98 kb)

Section 4F Memorandum of Agreement (pdf 4.4 mb)

Noise Technical Report (pdf 3.38 mb)

Visual Assessment (pdf 270 kb)

Cultural Resources Survey (pdf 3.13 mb)