US 2 - Wenatchee River Bridge - Project Photos

This old Railroad Bridge, converted to a highway bridge in 1936, will be replaced in 2011
2011-Before-The new bridge will be wider and won't have an overhead superstructure.

Green Bridge, May '06 -High Water event
2011-Before-The new bridge won't have footings that catch logs and debris like this one does.

South View
2011-Before-A closer view, looking north.   

Aug. 2012 - Drury Creek Bridge - Before
2012-Before-The Drury Creek Bridge replacement in the summer of 2013, will require the highway to be closed for several days while traffic is diverted through the Chumstick Valley.   

Aug.2012 - old & new Wen. River Bridges.
2012-During construction in late August - Crews set a pier for the new bridge, alongside the old bridge which has remained open for traffic.    

Both Bridges-Fall 2012-Under view
Later in the fall of 2012 that bridge pier was holding up a bridge.   

Both Bridges - Fall 2012 - Top View
This is how it looked from the topside, in late fall, 2012

June 2013-Deck Pour-Before-Full size
June 2013-Before the pour of the new concrete deck.   

June 2013-Deck Pour-After-Full size
June 2013 - after the new deck was poured.