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US 2 Trestle - Congestion Relief - Photos

First day of use
We opened the new shoulder lane to traffic on Monday, April 6. As the photo above shows, by 3:13 p.m. drivers were already taking advantage of the extra capacity.

Drivers in the shoulder lane
Drivers can now use the shoulder lane from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Drivers using shoulder lane
The new shoulder lane will help improve traffic flow across the trestle and on I-5 through Everett.

The US 2/I-5 interchange in Everett
We will reduce congestion and improve safety at the I-5/US 2 interchange in Everett by adding additional capacity to the eastbound US 2 trestle during the afternoon commute.

Exit to US 2
Increasing congestion on US 2 leads to backups on northbound I-5, particularly during the afternoon commute.

The west end of the eastbound trestle
Previously, traffic coming from northbound I-5 must merge with equally heavy traffic coming from Hewitt Avenue as they enter the eastbound trestle. Now drivers coming from Hewitt Avenue can stay in their own lane and travel directly onto the right shoulder during the afternoon commute. This will ease congestion at the west end of the trestle.

debris under US 2 trestle

Winter storms often bring debris into the river creating a dam of fallen trees at the base of the trestle.

crane clearing debris from top of trestle on US 2

Crews use a lane of eastbound US 2 to provide a work space for cranes and other large equipment to clear the debris.  When crews do this work, the shoulder lane will not be open to traffic.

close up of debris at US 2 trestle

A close up of crews clearing a large back-up of debris after heavy storms.