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US 2 Safety Improvements - Project Graphics

US 2 and Fern Bluff Road

We will make Fern Bluff Road a one-way road on the south side of the intersection with US 2. Drivers will not be able to turn left from westbound US 2 to Fern Bluff Road or enter US 2 from the south leg of the intersection. Drivers will only be able to turn right from eastbound US 2 to Fern Bluff Road.

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US 2 and Rice Road

We are designing a one-lane roundabout at US 2 and Rice Road in Sultan. The roundabout will improve safety by helping control traffic through the intersection and by reducing potential conflict points for turning drivers. Visit our common questions page to learn more about roundabout benefits.

Roundabout at US 2 and Rice Road
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The roundabout will be able to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, including emergency vehicles, buses and truck and trailer combinations. We are designing the roundabout with a truck apron - a raised section of pavement around the central island that acts as an extra lane for large vehicles. The back wheels of the oversize vehicle can ride up on the truck apron so the truck can easily complete the turn, while the raised portion of concrete discourages use by smaller vehicles.

The graphic below highlights some of the features of the roundabout:
Roundabout with labels
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