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Monroe Bypass Information

Engineers completed a preliminary design for a three-part Monroe bypass project. However, we do not have funding to complete the design and environmental process, purchase property or build the project.

Phase 1
Phase 1 would create a two-lane limited-access extension of SR 522 to a roundabout intersection that will connect with the future US 2 Bypass.

This SR 522 spur would be approximately 3000 feet long. The roadway will be 44 feet wide, with one 12-foot lane and an eight-foot shoulder in each direction separated by a four-foot median buffer with rumble strips.
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The SR 522 spur would be built entirely on existing WSDOT right-of-way. Local road connections will be constructed from the roundabout to 191st Avenue (Galaxy Way) and to a frontage road currently being built by a developer.

Phase 1 would improve the existing SR 522/US 2 interchange by building a new bridge for westbound SR 522 traffic over US 2 and the rail tracks and will make other ramp improvements. The project is within the City of Monroe limits.

Phase 2
Phase 2 would extend a two-lane limited access roadway from the roundabout created in Phase 1 to a roundabout on existing US 2 east of Woods Creek at the eastern Monroe city limits.

The length of Phase 2 of the US 2 Bypass would be approximately 6500 feet.  This bypass would allow regional traffic from the Skykomish Valley and Stevens Pass to access SR 522 without encountering the congestion and delay that occurs on the existing US 2 corridor through Monroe. 

Phase 3
Phase 3 would add additional capacity to westbound US2 on the historical bypass route or on existing US 2.

Transit, Pedestrian and Bike Improvements
Alleviating chokepoints and smoothing out traffic will help keep buses on schedule.