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Identified US 2 Improvements - Snohomish to Skykomish

The final Route Development Plan has been approved In November 2007, WSDOT announced the results of a technical assessment to identify locations where roadway projects could be conducted on a section of US 2 for purposes of improving safety and addressing backups between Snohomish and Skykomish.

A list of improvements is now available for each segment of the US 2 Route Development Plan.

How was the list of projects created?
The locations and the projects that might be taken forward were based on ideas from local residents and members of the U.S. 2 Corridor Working Group, as well as technical analysis by WSDOT staff and a private traffic engineering consulting firm.

The technical assessment report relied on traffic, collision, demographic and environmental information. This morning the proposed project locations were presented to the US 2 Corridor Working Group representing Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar, Index and Skykomish, as well as Snohomish and King counties, Community Transit, Puget Sound Regional Council, and WSDOT.

What's next for US 2 and how much will the improvements to US 2 cost?
Very few if any of the identified projects could be constructed in the foreseeable future under the available budget for highway improvements.

Many of the project locations identified in the U.S. 2 project list have been considered in insufficient detail to allow the development of good cost estimates. Even before accounting for inflation, the total cost of the projects if they were to be built today would be well in excess of a billion dollars.