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US 2 Route Development Plan - Documents and Publications

The following are publications used throughout various stages of the US 2 Route Development Plan study.  You will need Adobe Acrobat version 4.0 or higher to open these documents.

Informational Handouts

US 2 RDP Folio Fall 2007
Folio shell (pdf 343 kb)
Segment 1 insert (pdf 273 kb)
Segment 2 insert (pdf 211 kb)
Segment 3 insert (pdf 226 kb)
Segment 4 insert (pdf 220 kb)

A "folio" is like a newsletter that contains comprehensive information, providing traffic and safety data as well as population numbers.  

Display Boards
When WSDOT holds open houses, we prepare display boards of vital information about the project.  Below are downloadable versions of each of the display boards for the US 2 Route Development Plan.  Each board provides more specific information about the US 2 RDP's research, plans and schedule.

December 2006 Open House Display Boards

Intersection Analysis
The US 2 Project Management Team analyzed the following 24 intersections along  the US 2 study area between Snohomish and Skykomish as the bases for the final improvement recommendations.

List of Intersections (pdf 36 kb)

US 2 Investments
Since 1993, WSDOT has invested over $36 million in the study area.

Table of Investments (pdf 53 kb)