US 195 - Traffic Safety Corridor - Safety Corridors - Common Questions

What is a safety corridor?
The Washington Traffic Safety Commission, in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol, designates safety corridors at the request of local communities with the goal of reducing fatal and disabling collisions on roadways with significant safety needs. A task force made up of community groups, businesses, local, state and federal organizations and emergency services organizations provides leadership in identifying and solving problems along the safety corridor.

Roadways chosen to become safety corridors must have local level support and a history of significant collision problems that can be addressed with low-cost, short-term solutions. Once designated as a safety corridor, a roadway is eligible to receive WTSC funding for targeted education, engineering and enforcement efforts.

This project won't fix all of the problems or stop all of the crashes on US-195, but local agencies and law enforcement are working with concerned citizens to make US-195 safer for everyone. Low-cost highway improvements, increased law enforcement patrols and driver safety awareness campaigns can make a difference.