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US 101 - Sol Duc River Bridge - Bridge Painting

Project status is in construction.
Sol Duc River Bridge at mp 194 View larger version

Sol Duc River Bridge at mp 212
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Sol Duc River Bridge photo US 101 mp 194.3
Sol Duc River Bridge at milepost 194.3

Sol Duc River Bridge photo US 101 mp 212.46
Sol Duc River Bridge at milepost 212.46


September 2017

  • During construction, the bridges will remain open to regular traffic. Drivers will encounter one-way alternating traffic around the clock. 
  • Travelers are advised to expect reduced speed limits around the bridges.
  • During expansion joint work, an 11-foot width restriction is in place on the bridges.

Why is WSDOT painting the Sol Duc River bridges?
The Sol Duc River bridges were last painted in the 1990's. The paint on the bridges is aging and in need of refreshing.

Painting work is important to help protect bridges from corrosion. In addition to giving the bridges a facelift, painting work helps preserve and protect bridges from the elements for about 20 years. It includes:

  • abrasive blasting to remove all existing paint coatings and corrosion
  • removal of rust between layers of steel plates at connections
  • installation of bolts to restore steel connections with missing or damaged rivets
  • application of five coats of paint - the bridges will be painted evergreen, which is their original color

The End Result
By painting the steel bridges, the structures are protected from the elements which can cause rust and corrosion.

Project Benefits
Maintained properly, the bridges will continue to keep up with the traffic demand for years to come. 

These bridges are part of an important commute and freight corridor. Maintaining these bridges is more cost-efficient than replacing them.

What is the project timeline?
This project is scheduled to be completed by fall 2017.

Financial Information

How can I get more information?
Chris Bruning
WSDOT Project Engineer

Claudia Bingham Baker
WSDOT Communications

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